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Samer Shwayat

Business Development Lead
Samer Shwayat

In his role as a Technical Solutions Specialist, Sam employs his extensive experience in the drilling and cementing segments to spearhead DiverterPlus’ efforts in those markets. Sam assists in new product development and brings unique technologies and capabilities to help drive DiverterPlus’ service-oriented customer philosohy.

Sam Shwayat graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater Oklahoma with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Upon Graduation, Sam began his Oilfield Services career with Schlumberger as a cementing field engineer followed by 11+ years of different positions within the Schlumberger cementing service line including field service management, project coordination, technical sales, and supply chain management. Sam time with Schlumberger took him around the world to a variety of locations including Oklahoma, NW Texas, Saudi Arabia, and Midland before finally settling in the Houston area while with Schlumberger. Sam then Joined a nitrogen equipment manufacturer serving the oil and gas industry with onsite N2 generators as a technical sales engineer.


DiverterPlus develops custom products to address our customer’s challenges and also aids in the design, implementation, and performance analysis of these products to optimize our customer’s operations from start to end. In addition, we provide objective consultation about what we can do for customers who are unaware of solutions that we may come up with.

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