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SPE 205834: Innovative Techniques for Optimization of Far-Field Diverter Materials to Enhance Fracture Geometry in Carbonate Reservoirs

October 02, 2021

DiverterPlus engineers co-author a technical paper that investigates the use of Far-Field Diverters to enhance fracture geometry. Through laboratory experimentation and case study examination, various characteristics of Far-Field diverters are evaluated in order to establish the criteria for optimal performance. The paper can be viewed via the following link:



DiverterPlus Celebrates Established Low Temperature Line of Products

October 02, 2021

Widespread implementation of DiverterPlus’ new low temperature 900 Series products has been successful across multiple basins in the US and abroad. Div+ 900 Series products provide the performance DiverterPlus’ customers have come to expect at well temperatures that previously posed economic challenges and technical limitations. In conjunction with the standard-temperature Div+1300 Series products and the high-temperature Div+ 1100 series products, DiverterPlus now offers optimized performance at all temperature ranges our customers encounter


DiverterPlus expands capabilities with extended life products.

June 29, 2021

DiverterPlus has enabled operators to complete additional zones and intervals in their wells without requiring cement squeezes. Diversion was sustained in these cases for 7 to 14 days, allowing operators to deepen wells or complete additional lower intervals without the need for a separate isolation operation and no additional intervention after the completion process was finished. Contact DiverterPlus to learn how your operations can be streamlined with their versatile products.


DiverterPlus conducts successful trials of cement additive products.

March 28, 2021

DiverterPlus recently completed several successful trials of its products to establish circulation for squeezes and prevent losses of cement. The unique properties of the products greatly reduce the risk of bond interference. These properties are particularly advantageous for use in formations which are to be produced naturally, as the products degrade rapidly as cement starts to cure. Contact DiverterPlus to learn how their materials can assist in successful cementing without compromise.


DiverterPlus develops techniques for frac complexity.

March 28, 2024

DiverterPlus continues to research ways to increase fracture complexity by applying knowledge gained through numerous far field diversion applications and refracturing projects across the United States. Combining laboratory testing, operational experience, and data gained from deployments helped in developing DiverterPlus’ application techniques to achieve consistent success while reducing associated costs. With new approaches and application specific products, production improvement through refracturing and far-field diversion are more reliable than ever before.


DiverterPlus develops custom products to address our customer’s challenges and also aids in the design, implementation, and performance analysis of these products to optimize our customer’s operations from start to end. In addition, we provide objective consultation about what we can do for customers who are unaware of solutions that we may come up with.

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