Logo small refracturing products are temporary diverting materials used to temporarily obstruct pre-existing perforations and encourage propagation away from existing fractures. During placement, Logo smallis a solid degradable polymer material capable of re-routing treatment fluid. After successfully performing the intended function for the desired timeframe, the diverter is designed to hydrolyze to a clear, non-hazardous liquid. This process is driven simply by time, temperature, and pressure in the presence of water meaning that no additional remedial work is necessary.Logo small blends are unique bimodal blends of particles for better plugging performance while far field products are precision powders designed for proper interaction with common proppant sizes.

Lateral Isolation Application

  • list checkAchieve mechanical isolation without expense and risk of liner systems
  • list checkMinimal equipment requirements allow flexibility for squeeze operations
  • list checkNo post-job remediation required, and pre-existing clusters continue producing
  • list checkDiversion sustainable for multiple weeks via polymer selection
  • list checkNo decrease in lateral internal diameter

Fracture Reorientation Application

  • list checkRe-orient fracture along different azimuth than original treatment
  • list checkRe-route fluid away from former fractures
  • list checkExpand propped fracture network
  • list checkMost effective way to re-stimulate pre-existing clusters
  • list checkIncrease SRV in under-stimulated intervals