Offshore Solvent/Scale Treatments

Logo small offshore solutions are designed for optimized performance while minimizing operational risk in offshore acid and solvent treatments. During placement, Div+, MicroVert+, and SolVert+ are solid non-toxic particles which obstruct flow paths ensuring even distribution of treating fluids across large intervals. Logo small products are customized for compatibility and desired service life in a multitude of fluid systems, including aggressive solvent systems where traditional particulates are not effective. The result is a suite of diverter products with capabilities to sustain pressure differentials much higher than liquid diverters while retaining operational simplicity and safety. After successfully diverting fluid, Logo small products hydrolyze into a non-hazardous liquid in a process driven by time, temperature, and the presence of water.

Key Design Factors

  • list checkSettling resistance/density
  • list checkPrecise geometry/elasticity
  • list checkLow velocity transport characteristics ensure optimized placement
  • list checkParticle density, elasticity, shape and size are manipulated for optimum performance.
  • list checkIn gravel pack applications, the products are designed to deform and traverse the gravel pack, bridging against the formation face.
  • list checkOblong geometry is key to efficient performance in gravel pack.
  • list checkFor screen applications, deformable round particles are designed to pass through the screen yet bridge/cover as aggressively as possible.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • list checkReduced post-treatment decline
  • list checkIncreased time between treatments
  • list checkSupplied as a slurry or dry-additive