Near Wellbore Diversion(NWB)

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Logo small NWB products are temporary diverting materials used to increase cluster efficiency and/or reduce stage count in fracturing treatments. During placement, Logo small is a solid non-toxic polymer capable of blocking perforation tunnels and fractures near the wellbore. After the product’s designed service life, the diverter will hydrolyze into a clear, non-hazardous liquid. This process is driven simply by time and bottom-hole temperature requiring no additional remedial work. DiverterPlus™ blends are unique multi-modal blends of particles for optimized transport and plugging performance.

Key Design Advantages

  • list checkImproved Perf/Cluster Efficiency
  • list checkReduced Stage Count
  • list checkControlled Fracture Geometry
  • list checkLow Viscosity Transport

Benefits and Outcomes

  • list checkIncreased initial production
  • list checkImproved decline curve
  • list checkReduced completion time
  • list checkIncreased Stimulated Reservoir Volume