Far Field Diversion (FF)

Logo smallpowders for use in far field applications are temporary diverting materials used to divert fracturing treatments. During placement, Logo smallis a solid degradable polymer material capable of arresting Fracture Half Length growth to mitigate Frac hits on offset wellbores as well as faults. After successfully controlling fracture growth, the diverter is designed to hydrolyze to a clear, non-hazardous liquid. This process is driven simply by time, temperature, and pressure in the presence of water, meaning that no additional remedial work is necessary. Logo smallpowders are designed to be run in conjunction with proppant to facilitate the needed limitation of fracture growth.

Key Design Advantages

  • list checkImproved Fracture Complexity
  • list checkControlled Height Growth
  • list checkLong Distance Transport
  • list checkHigh Pressure Performance

Benefits and Outcomes

  • list checkMitigate offset well interaction
  • list checkImproved decline curve
  • list checkIncreased Stimulated Reservoir Volume
  • list checkOptimized proppant placement