Drilling LCM

Logo smalldrillout products are temporary diverting materials used to improve circulation and drillout efficiency. During placement,Logo smallis a solid degradable polymer material capable of bridging across perforation tunnels near the wellbore. After successfully diverting fluid, the diverter is designed to hydrolyze to a clear, non-hazardous liquid. This process is driven simply by time, temperature, and pressure in the presence of water meaning that no additional remedial work is necessary.

Key Design Factors

  • list checkRegain circulation in severe loss conditions
  • list checkReduced risk of uncemented void spaces leads to better bonding
  • list checkVarious deployment plans allow for tailored squeeze solutions, continuous circulation, or freeing stuck tubulars

Benefits and Outcomes

  • list checkMinimal formation damage due to degradability of product
  • list checkReduced Mud Losses
  • list checkImproved Hole Quality