Conformance Improvement

Logo smallconformance improvement products are temporary or permanent particulates used to improve sweep efficiency in reservoirs with fracturing, faulting, or other high permeability channels. These specialized diverting agents are manufactured uniquely based on specific reservoir requirements to provide a plugging mechanism for high conductivity channels, allowing Logo smallproducts to be used in conjunction with other more traditional conformance improvement systems. These products are designed for periodic deployment on an as-needed basis through either the existing injection equipment or (in the case of more-severe channeling) via external pumping equipment.

Key Design Factors

  • list checkLow cost application on as-needed basis
  • list checkVariable lifespan (including permanent) options available
  • list checkPrecision manufactured to exact specifications needed
  • list checkDoes not alter chemistry of injected fluids
  • list checkEasily removed from reservoir if desired

Benefits and Outcomes

  • list checkImproved sweep efficiency
  • list checkIncreased injection pressure
  • list checkEnhanced performance of foams, gels, resins, etc.