Acid / Chemical Treatment Products

Logo smallproducts are temporary diverting materials used to improve the distribution of treating fluids across multiple perforations or openhole intervals. During placement, Div+ and RapidVert+ are solid non-toxic particles capable of blocking perforation tunnels, formation faces, and fractures near the wellbore. After a pre-determined length of time, the diverter will hydrolyze into a clear, non-hazardous liquid. This process is driven simply by time and bottom-hole temperature, meaning that no additional remedial work is required. Logo smallblends are optimized for transport and plugging performance in the low rate/high leakoff environment of acid/chemical treatments.

Key Design Factors

  • list checkMaximize matrix conductivity
  • list checkParticles designed for optimized transport in low rate/low viscosity applications
  • list checkReduced time/expense

Benefits and Outcomes

  • list checkEnsure acid/chemicals are distributed evenly across entire stimulated interval
  • list checkIncreased duration between treatments
  • list checkPredictable time to production

The low rate designs that are often associated with acid and chemical treatments can make it difficult to determine the effectiveness of diversion by traditional pressure response analysis alone. As such,Logo smallencourages our customers to also determine success based upon long term production analysis. Treatment effectiveness can be determined by analysis of the rate and magnitude of production decline. The Chart above illustrates the shallow decline rate when using optimized diversion materials such as Div+ and RapidVert+ versus using traditional diverters. The reduced decline frequently means periodic treatments are needed less often, substantially reducing operating costs.